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To create a dynamic national movement of small scale farmers for collective voice and action in promoting equitable access to and control or resources for seed, food and income security and sustainable development through policy analysis, lobbying, advocacy and information sharing.


To see Small-Scale Farmers practicing sustainable agriculture for sustainable development in equitable environment of supportive policies and practices that enables them to access, control, manage and benefit from necessary resources. Equitable and supportive social policies and practices that empower small-scale farmers to access, control, and benefit form resources for sustainable agriculture and sustainable development.


To enhance small-scale farmers visibility, voices and active participation in policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring as well as resource allocation at local, country, regional and international level


  • Food first and food for all
  • Farmers speak for themselves
  • Transforming attitudes and image attached to family farming should start

from within farmers themselves.

  • Acting together to claim rightful space. Numbers and unity is the strength.
  • Respect and celebration of our culture and indigenous knowledge.
  • Respect for diversity in cultures and the context in respective countries.
  • Stand for and fight for small farmer rights.
  • Farmer initiated, farmer lead and farmer owned.
  • Equity and equality